Bo Chapli


Bo Chapli (b.1996, Ukraine) is expecting to receive her BFA in photography from Parsons New School for Design in May, 2019. Her work primarily consists of photography, video art, acrylic & oil painting, and performance. Currently developing her thesis, she is exploring the gap between staged images and candid street photography, narcissism and identity masks.


My work is an exploration of the relationship between image, content and presentation, and viewer, with the hope that I might achieve a new perspective on that relationship, or the renovation of an old perspective within the viewer. Using two dimensional visual representation, painting and photography, my work seeks to connect people with their subconscious motives. In some cases I achieve this through a minimalistic aesthetic, which forces people to look inward, and in other cases I use vibrant colors and bold shapes in order to confront and shock the viewer. My work also explores the disconnect between appearance and reality, by photographing people of all demographics, staging them in a theatrical way that presents them by their desired appearance, which often transcends human nature, rather than their actual appearance, I am able to bring attention to that dichotomy which is very relevant to people of my age. The strong contrast and vibrance in my photography and painting mirror this existential dilemma. It also has the effect of drawing a strong bond between viewer and image, as my work is bright and full of life.


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